Where am I going to stay?

We are connected with Dali suites, those are located in the same area (playas de Tijuana), just 4 blocks away from the clinic, they are fully furnished and with kitchenette, the place is very private, high class, quiet, just for patients like you. Prices are very affordable and are totally separated from the clinic budget, they are just a steps away from 2 little malls that have supermarkets, movie theaters, restaurants, drug stores, coffee places, etc. Neighborhood is safe, this city area is where doctors, lawyers, arquitects, etc. lives and is steps away from the beach also. Check the web page: www.dalisuites.com Now with the new system of bed and breakfast you can search on line for local places where you can get affordable prices for a better place than the hotel.

Who's going to provide my meals?

The clinic provide your meals, breakfast and lunch, also juicing and cofee for enemas as modified Gerson therapy.

What can I do on my free time?

Because we are located on the beach area, you can go to the beach, it is walking distance, safe it is full of coffee places, little restaurants, beautiful sunsets, there is a gym that charges $10 dl. a week in case you like to do work out or you can do jogging on the beach where there is a road for people walking or you can try right on the beach sand. There's little malls with movie theaters, movies usually are in english with subtitles. There's also local restaurants the most famous one The Youghurt place with natural food, sushi places, subway, italian, chinesse hamburgers and pizza. Everything. If you go to Tijuana Revolcion ave. has lots of places to visit and the legendary Cessar's Restaurabt where the salad with the same name was created by Cesar Cardini back in the 1940's Little more beyond is Rosarito beach, around 20 minutes away where you can find mexican artesanias, good restaurants and the famous Lobster Puerto Nuevo style. Even beyond around 1 hr. away it is the port of Ensenada where you can go fishing at open sea on the Pacific ocean, play golf, eat or visit the vineyards at Guadalupe valley where they have excellent chefs and mediterranean food with the best national wine. Uber service is available for all of those purposes.

Do I have Church service for sundays?

Yes, there is a christian and catholic churches around.

What if I decided to stay any longer?

The program is designed for 3 weeks BUT it is important to consider to prolong the time of treatment if possible to achieve a better response. Remember that cancer is a chronic disease that also requires time for being treated.

Do I need to bring cash?

It's a good idea to bring some cash, but most of the places accepts credits cards. US checks are not accepted in many business in Mexico.

What if I have an emergency?

We have very good local hospitals in town in case a complication due to the disease happens but if you have medical insurance, land ambulance is an option to take you to San Diego Emergency Room ASAP. We are connected with a local ambulance service 24/7 They are very good and fast.

What if I need to have special studies like MRI or CT Scan, dentist attention or blood transfusion?

Clinic doesn't cover those kind of expenses but we have several X ray centers and blood banks in town, they are not expensive compared with US. If we consider that you need a PET CT whole body scan, we are also connected with Sharp Hospital in Chula Vista California where they can take your case and run a study with a previous appointment paying through your credit card.

What is going to be covered by the clinic?

The clinic will cover your treatments of 6 days a week, weekly blood work, doctors and nurses fees. If you are a candidate for a temporary subclavian catheter or central line for the best IV every day treatment, there will be an extra charge.

Can I bring a companion?

We always encourage our patients to come with somebody if possible, could be the wife or husband, a son, aunt, etc.

There is no extracost for that.