Diane Lawson

  • Minnesota

I am from Minnesota, I am 58 years old and early this year was diagnosed with throat cancer, I went to Mayo Clinic but appointments were delayed, due to that I knew about Dr. Cedeno’s clinic through a friend and contacted him for an appointment. He took my case right away, so I started treatments back in April this year, due to the critical area and the big size tumor, I went through some radiation beside all the protocol with IV chelations, IV Hydrogen peroxide with DMSO, high dose vitamin C, IV Laetrile, Hyperthermia and IPT with low dose chemotherapy.

With the combination of therapies I felt a lot stronger and radiation side effects were minimum. I decided to stay until Dr. Cedeño was sure my tumor was under control, he was very clear that something like this requires time (weeks or months) and he was very compassion and helping giving me good discounts for the extra weeks. I stayed a total of 12 weeks; I received a little boost of radiation to my tumor area at the very end. I went back for a check up on 9-12-11. And my ct. scan became clear. I will return to more checkups, next one in January 2012.

I truly believe that Dr. Cedeño is an extremely good and compassionate MD. And all his team and nurses has the best quality. St. Andrews Clinic is very clean; the neighborhood is quiet and nice. I stayed in a very affordable suite fully equipped and just steps away from the Clinic, the beach and supermarkets, I had treatments Monday to Saturday 8 am till 3 pm and I feel very happy and satisfied with the results. (My tumor is completely gone).

I recommend 100% this place, it is unique and Dr. Cedeño in compared with other clinics, he is a real Board Certified ONCOLOGIST SURGEON with 20 years of experience and with the difference that HE BELIEVES in Alternative and Holistic Medicine.

I attached a copy of my first CT Scan and the last one from this month.


Diane Lawson.

September 2011.

Lory Milojevich. -Seattle, Wa. July 2011

My name is Lory Milojevich, I am now 72 years old, In 2007 at age of 68, I was diagnosed with a 41 mm Meningioma. I had brain surgery performed on October 31st 2007. The doctor said it was a complicated operation and reduced the tumor to 29 mm (1/3 instead the expected 90% reduction). In April 2008 I had 5 radiation treatments that later caused me seizures in my hole left side specially foot and leg. A friend told me about Dr. Rafael Cedeño’s Integrated Medical Treatments, he is inspired in Dr. Donsbach’s protocols. He has his own holistic clinic in Tijuana.

I was admitted in St. Andrews Clinic by Dr. Cedeño on November 15th. 2009 for a 3 weeks stay.

Dr. R. Cedeño, Oncologist Surgeon along with Dr. B. Muñoz MD. And their staff took excellent care of me. I was treated and pampered with great compassion and competency. I felt at home among friends, we are still in contact with each other and have a lasting friendship. The 3 weeks I spent with them were the most carefree, relaxing, physically, mentally and spirituality uplifting times I had in many, many years. I hated to leave. The tumor reduced from 29 mm to 23 mm. and my seizures have decreased. I am happy, actually blessed to have had the privilege of being treated by Dr. Cedeño and Dr. Muñoz.

I recommend their clinic and care to everyone that needs that extra help and understanding. It did me a world of good and the memory will always stay with me.

May god bless you and all you do for us.


Lory Milojevich.

Antonia Reyes Cruz California May 2011

My name is Antonia Reyes Cruz and I live in California. Like many people here, I have no health insurance. Back in 2009, I felt a lump on my left arm and decided to go to Tijuana, Mexico. At first, the doctors thought it was a fat tumor; however it turned out to be cancer.

I was then referred to an Oncologist, Dr. Rafael Cedeño Barragan, who performed a very successful 8 hour surgery to remove the cancerous tumor. I then came back to California for Chemotherapy and Radiation; I completed my treatment and was cleared, May 2010.

In February 2011, I began to have pain on my left arm and became worried. I went back to Dr. Cedeño. That was when he said the cancerous tumors were back, this time more aggressive and in my lungs as well. According to the x-rays and CT scans, some tumors were 6cm. Because of the aggressively of the tumors, Dr. Cedeño recommended for me to go through treatment once again and advised me to start as soon as possible.

Due to his kindness, devotion to his profession and need to help others, Dr. Cedeño suggested for me to come back to CA and seek treatment here. I came back to CA seeking the same help I received the first time but was unsuccessful due to lack of insurance and hospital policies. My decision then, was to go back to Tijuana, Mexico and begin an alternative medicine and chemotherapy treatment with Dr. Cedeño and staff.

After two months of the alternative treatment and chemotherapy. A new set of x-rays and CT scan revealed there was a significant reduction to the tumors (from 6cm to 2cm). The treatment consisted of various procedures, which were done five days a week.

When I felt there was “no light at the end of the tunnel,” his treatment gave me hope. Now, I am more hopeful that I will be able to fight this once again! I thank God, Dr. Cedeño, and his staff for all the help and attention I received when I was there.


Antonia Reyes Cruz

Jon Wirth

April 2003 I was diagnosed in the States with Prostate Cancer /possible stage 3 PSA 20.8 and rising. I was told without surgery and chemo – my life expectancy would be 18-24 months.

May 2003 I checked into Hospital Santa Monica in Mexico for three weeks of non-surgical treatment.

After a complete work-up by Dr. Munoz, he explained all the treatment modalities.

I began IPT, IV therapy, FAR Infrared Hyperthermia, Focused RF Hyperthermia, Hyberbaric Oxygen , Ozone therapy, Mag Ray therapy, etc.

I had daily counseling and monitoring by either Dr. Munoz or Dr. Cedeno

At the end of three weeks my PSA had dropped into the "Normal Range" at 3.7.

I was given nutritional counseling and home treatment protocol instructions and sent home.

After I returned home, I was always able to contact either Dr. Cedeno or Dr. Munoz with questions or concerns I had.

Within 3 months, my PSA had dropped below 1.0 and remained there for almost 2 years

After surgery for two hernias, my cancer returned (due to compromised immune system from surgery) I returned to Mexico for two weeks of re-treatment. My PSA dropped to 3.4 after 2 weeks

Home protocol reduced the PSA below 1.0 in two months.

I have continued to take Quercetin Plus (Prostasol) and my PSA has remained between 0.0 and 0.2 for the past four years.

I highly recommend that any one diagnosed with Cancer try these treatments FIRST! You will find these two doctors to be the most knowledgeable and compassionate doctors you will ever meet. They continue to stay in touch with me and have become lifelong friends.